Mirror Me

A new twist on the selfie mirror concept, the fully animated mirror, not only takes your photos and prints but also has a fun randomised response, direct from the ‘talking mirror’. After each shot, the mirror responds with a fun response both verbally and on screen.

All photos are printed within just 10 seconds and dispensed below the mirror, for your guests to keep.

​Its small footprint, elegant design and novel functionality, makes it perfect for any event, including weddings, parties, corporate & promotions, at the end of the day what isn’t to be liked about a talking mirror!

Personalisation of the selfie mirrors prints, is available on request and can incorporate a logo or personalised message from the hosts. All magic selfie mirror images are kept and transferred on to a memory stick, for the host to enjoy, copy or reprint at their leisure with no additional charges.

As standard our magic selfie mirror photo booths now produce classic double photo strips as standard giving them 2 strips per visit.

Our popular ‘prop box’ is included as standard with all magic mirror hires, filled with hats, wigs, glasses and associated props for your guests to create some truly imaginative photos.

Event Party Games Hire | Mirror Me
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